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Thomas Maurer (Australia)

Artist Picture_Thomas.png

Thomas Maurer is a German-born Australian artist with a degree from Berlin School of Contemporary Art. Working with two-dimensional sheets of flat aluminum to create three-dimensional optical illusions, he creates these illusions using nothing but the material itself and an angle grinder, producing a strong effect of motion, seductively enhanced by lighting.

Thomas’s art is inspired by life’s constant changes, light and movement. Using recurring spirals of varying scales that play through and with interlocking forms, he seeks to evoke the essentials of nature. Thomas’s professional background in event and show production has made him aware of light as a strong theatrical element. His pieces are basically designed to reflect light and create moving light patterns to produce a stunning effect. In pieces like ‘The Moon’ and ‘Fusion’, this robust swirl of light can evoke fire and life. His art can be described as a dialogue between the two dimensional art pieces and the lighting required to create three-dimensional images.

These pieces are powerful as they play with the viewer’s mind and make them question their perception. He has invented an entirely new art form unique to Thomas, winning him critical acclaim for his exhibitions in Australia and was awarded the Willoughby Art Prize for his works.

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