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Maria De Campos

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Maria De Campos (b.1977) is a Portuguese painter who currently lives and works in Paris. Maria De Campos graduated from the Regional School of Fine Arts of Valencia, where she became passionate about expressing herself through visual arts, particularly contemporary images. Maria's painting is influenced by several diverse styles, ranging from Pop Art to Expressionism.


Maria is particularly fascinated with famous people from the 20th century and her work satirizes and celebrates materiality and celebrity. Her paintings of distorted celebrities faces could be read as a critique of what Maria views as a culture obsessed with money and fame, yet they suggest a life that celebrates cultures throughout the world. In her imagery and repertoire of celebrities, Maria De Campos wants to break the stereotypes that people can have about these personalities. The faces are treated with melancholy and poetry, dissimulated behind raw colour and text fragments and her pieces are undeniably contemporary and topical. Maria’s work has been on display in various shows and is in permanent collections of corporations and collections around the world.

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