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Born in Paris in the 1970s, KOSTAR rose to fame as a young artist in the 90s for his street art and graffiti, having made his mark on walls, trains, trucks, and subways alike, before taking to the galleries with his striking splashes of colour. His tool of choice has always been the stencil, given its special ability to produce highly stylized, graphic forms. But these days, he wields in his arsenal a penchant for acrylic, photography, neon lights, and sculpture as well, since the dynamism of such mediums opens up new dimensions and possibilities for humour in his art. KOSTAR has given “urban art” a whole new definition and moves viewers through dynamic images and thought-provoking phrases; taking a leap of faith and choosing the path of passion and the unknown, rather than safety and conformity. Counterbalancing the world in which we live, Kostar’s work is passionate, compelling, and full of wit.

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