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Katy le Blanc (Singapore)


Born in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, in 1961, Katy Le Blanc studied business and marketing in Utrecht and attended fashion design school “Charles Montaigne” in Amsterdam. Upon graduation, she started her career as a buyer for a chain of upmarket department stores traveling the world. She later pursued her career for a Dutch/Hong Kong Chinese textile company after she had moved to Hong Kong in 1990. Following the birth of her first son, she started a furniture business with another Dutch woman, The Antique Express, specializing in the wholesale of Chinese antique furniture. In 2000, she moved to Jakarta, where she changed the company’s business model, orientating it towards furniture design and production.

Over the past twelve years, Le Blanc developed an ongoing interest in Eastern religions and philosophy and studied Ayurveda and yoga, becoming an apprentice of an Ayurvedic “Vaidyar”. For several years she worked with dedication as an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant, massage therapist and yoga-teacher. In 2017, during a difficult time in her life, she got to know psychotherapist and artist Eugenia Gajardo, who encouraged her to explore her creative side and introduced her to her art teacher, Iranian artist Ali Esmaeilpour. Under his guidance, Le Blanc developed her personal lyrical abstract style, which integrates paper, natural materials such as flowers, leaves and barks, different forms of acrylic paint, poly-resin, gold and silver leaf. Her themes are focused on or around Nature. The inspiration for her wellbeing and importance for all mankind, awareness of the overuse of Plastic destroying Nature. And her latest series which she started late 2020 is called “After the Fires, New Life” referring to Fires in Nature, and Inner Personal Fires, causing destruction, but opening a door to new creations.


In 2017 she expanded the limits of her self-expression by exploring her voice and recording her first songs. It was Corinne Gibbons, who helped her on this path. She started singing in her early twenties, but never pursued it further. This time after several singing meditation sessions in a group, she started private sessions with Corinne, who step by step has been leading her to write and record her own songs, which can be found on YouTube. And with the help of Photographer David Rogers she explored photography as well, to accompany her songs with beautiful pictures of nature. 


Her life definitely turned around after her burnout in 2015, it became a breakthrough in which her focus totally changed to a very personal expressive life ever since.

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