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yoshi itu


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From the top of his head to his toes, using all his body as a canvas, an artist creates and becomes an artwork with his own physique. An advocate of “WEARABLE ART”: a middle point between art and fashion by taking clothing and accessories as canvas. By harboring the full powers of philosophy and art energy on the fashion items, he brings art into an everyday routine, making the life of the purchaser (collector) more prosperous. That is his concept.


As a connoisseur, he likes to work with noble materials. His favourite canvas is the classic suit, smoking jacket or morning coat, to which he brings his touch of originality and his sensitivity adding shapes and colours. The suits by Itu’ are conceived by Itu’ himself and are then made to order and to measure, tailored by Mr. Koba, the official tailor of the Emperor of Japan. They are each an example of extraordinary quality and finesse.


Not only is he constantly looking for an irreproachable quality of the materials of which his canvases are made, but he also likes to play upon the notions of contraries, between the extreme classicism of clothes and accessories and this new and contemporary energy that his expresses through paint.

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