Gabriel Dufourcq

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Having relocated to Singapore from France over a decade ago, questions of identity, society, and psychology have always fascinated Gabriel Dufourcq. This is reflected in his introspective works, which seek to transcend the abstract boundaries of knowledge, to understand the worlds that he construes as “Beyond the Obvious”. Convinced that human autonomy is now fiction, Gabriel discerns that we are all confined to our social identities, frozen in different worlds, and that humanity is not free but wrapped, inhabited, and territorialized. What is at work in our life then eludes our grasp, subjecting us to a destiny fulfilled without our consent.


Exploring the unexceptional constructs of our daily life, from popular media to celebrity culture, Gabriel’s work alerts us to the uncanniness of the commonplace. It leads us to regard the prosaic in a new and different light, to illuminate the mechanisms behind language, politics, and the significant symbolism of images. Hence, in reconceptualizing the everyday, these pieces restore us to a rejuvenated understanding of our world.