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carla grace


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Carla Grace is a self-taught artist with a love for wildlife and beautiful, high quality artwork.


Born in South Africa, Carla has immigrated 5 times and currently lives in Australia. With a childhood that was dominantly based in Africa, she was able to experience wildlife in a way that has become the foundation of her vision: Where wildlife breathes through art.


"Wild animals were always a part of our lives in Kariba (Zimbabwe, Africa), it was so normal for an elephant to walk through our yard, or for us to drive into

the savannah for the afternoon to watch the herds graze as the sun set. I miss this, and want to share the tangible presence of wild nature with as many people

as I can".


Typically, she always starts a painting with the eyes, and only once the eyes are alive will she continue on with the painting. She is always changing her technique,

growing in style and expression. The most incredible thing about her work is how alive each animal feels when you experience her work in person, no photo can truly express just how tangible each painting is. She hopes that through her work, wildlife and art lovers alike will come to experience the presence of each animal in a unique and beautiful way.

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